6L Automatic Cat and Dog Feeders

automatic cat and dog feeders

6L Automatic Cat and Dog Feeders

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  • These Automatic Cat and Dog Feeders are an easy-to-use and convenient option for pet owners who want control over their pet's meal times. You can program up to 15 different feedings throughout the day at regular intervals, or set a number of meals on vacation mode so there is no need for you to return home from your trip only to discover your pets are starving!

  • Our automatic pet feeder reliably feeds your pet 3 times a day, with up to 50 portions per meal (about 5g per portion).

    The Feed Now option allows you to schedule a feeding outside of normal meal times, in case you have something come up at work or if it’s just too hot for your pets that afternoon.

  • In case you don’t get back home before the battery runs out, the Feeder can also run on 2 D-size batteries (not included) so your pets will always get fed!

    Enhance your pet care with this smart feeder that supports automatic dispensing and precise portion control. Ideal for both cats and dogs, this feeder helps maintain consistent feeding schedules and portions, essential for optimal pet health.

  • The built-in meal scheduler and battery backup ensure that your pets are cared for, even when you're away.

Customer Reviews

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Tyler Wiza

All perfect

Dustin Quitzon

6L Automatic Cat and Dog Feeder

Alberto Wilkinson

6L Automatic Cat and Dog Feeder

Haskell Abshire

Good feeder. Cats tried to open it, but it remained closed and not inverted. In the application, you can adjust the feed by hours and the number of servings, or manually, at any time, if you want to give additives. The size of the portion depends on the feed. I used gemon food, one portion came out 8 grams. In total, 3,5 kilograms of feed came into the compartment). The bowl holds firmly, it is easy to remove and clean.

Mabelle Kuhic

6L Automatic Cat and Dog Feeder