6 Piece Bathroom Accessories Set

bathroom accessories set

6 Piece Bathroom Accessories Set

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  • This six-piece bathroom accessories set by Home Clearance is designed to keep your home clean and organized. Made from eco-friendly bamboo wood and plastic, these items are not only durable but also odorless and easy to clean.

  • The set includes a large capacity waste bin, a toilet brush with a long handle for easy grip, a toothbrush holder with extra room for two brushes, a soap dish, a soap dispenser, and a cup.

  • Each item is lightweight, making them easy to move and handle. The soap dispenser is particularly user-friendly, requiring minimal effort to press down, even with wet hands.

    Enhance your bathroom's functionality and style with our complete bathroom ensemble. Each piece is crafted to complement any decor, adding a touch of elegance and coherence to your bathroom space.

  • Not only does this bathroom kit enhance the aesthetic, but it also offers practical solutions for everyday use. The toothbrush holder provides hygienic storage, while the soap dish and dispenser help maintain cleanliness and organization.

    Whether upgrading your own bathroom or setting up a new home, this bathroom accessories set is an essential addition, making it easy to maintain a clean and tidy bathroom. It’s perfect for families, guests, or any living situation where quality and aesthetic are valued.

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Abelardo Schumm

6 Piece Bathroom Accessories Set

Lucie Cole

Identical to the photo! Seems to be good

Tavares Stamm

Very cool, after time we will see with durability :)
I recommend

Hassie Stoltenberg

Good product!

Agustina Barton

6 Piece Bathroom Accessories Set